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Free Webinar on Saturday, August 29,2020 starting at 9:30am

A Day of Photography Inspiration and Education

CCC presents “A Day of Photography Inspiration and Education

This year it will be an online Zoom webinar!

Saturday, August 29 th starting at 9:30am

The Coastal Camera Club continues our annual "A Day of Photography Inspiration and Education"; seminars aimed at photographers of all levels who are interested in learning more about their craft from noted subject matter experts.

This year's speaker will be Nikhil Bahl, a full-time professional photographer, author, educator, workshop instructor and environmentalist residing in the Washington, DC area. Drawing inspiration from nature, Nikhil adopts novel approaches and seeks meaningful interpretations to create photographs that transcend the commonplace, reflect deeper insights, and convey an enchantment of the subject's beauty. The two presentations are certain to inspire everyone. The total elapsed time for “A Day of Photography Inspiration and Education" is expected to be no more than three hours. Please check out his website

First Session - Photographic Voice and Vision (About 1 hour plus time for Q&A)  Every photographer should think about how they can find their photographic voice. Once a photographer has found their voice, they can then start to develop their vision. It takes time, but both aspects are essential to the growth of any photographer. Nikhil will define photographic voice and vision and share his thoughts on how you can develop your photography to speak about who you are as a photographer and what you want to express. This presentation will help you to think about your photography more deeply.

Second Session - Photographic Impact (About 1 hour plus time for Q&A) As photographers, when we are inspired by a subject, we are driven to photograph it. We use different approaches and techniques to interpret the subject, all with the final goal of creating images that have photographic impact. That impact could be visual, emotional or both. In this presentation, Nikhil will break down the photographic process and share his thoughts on how you can take control of your photography and create more meaningful and personal images. He will also share how these personal interpretations can and will have more photographic impact that will engage the viewer beyond the average photograph.

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The program is free to all. Those who wish to make a donation (any amount) to the Coastal Camera Club to help offset some of our expenses for this day, please visit   Anyone who donates will be entered into a drawing for one of Nikhil’s prints, which will be mailed to you by Nikhil if you are the lucky winner. The Coastal Camera Club shares its love of photography, which is our reason for providing programs of this type. This year, more than ever, your donation will be appreciated.

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