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April 6th Nature Competition Information
Here is your link to get on the LIVE Judging of the April-"Nature" competition. Thanks to all of the members who got on the practice session on Saturday afternoon. CLICK on this article for all the information to get on the virtual competition. I will open the ZOOM session at 7pm. Please plan on getting on to Zoom before 7:25pm. For those that did not attend the Saturday session: you will need to get the Zoom app on your device (computer, cell phone, tablet or IPAD) before you can get on the meeting. Easy to do. The log-on address is below. Copy and paste it in your browser so you can get on the webpage. Follow the prompts to put the Zoom .exe file on your device.
4/3/2020  Competition
B-CCC practice meeting on Saturday, April 4th at 2:00 p.m.
Click on the link in this email "Join Zoom Meeting" at 2pm on Saturday 4/4/20 to learn about the upcoming online competition and learn about ZOOM- the virtual meeting link. You need to click on this blue title to see more info.
3/28/2020  Competition
The April 6,2020 B-CCC Competition is still happening with some changes.
Please pay close attention to the new changes.The April 6, 2020 B-CCC competition NATURE will still happen but please note some changes. When you log-on to the club website, you will notice some changes. There is NO change when entering digital images. Do what you always do. Remember to set your class first. It is impossible to get your print entries for the competition so we are doing the next best thing. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to THESE CHANGES. Follow the steps carefully. 1. Print your images for competition (theme=NATURE) like you always do. Yes, you must still print them. You can still submit two images in Color Print and two in Black and White along with your two digital entries. 2. Find those digital files that you printed that Nature image from. This DIGITAL file will act as your print entries. 3. Name this digital file with that same unique name of your print. Make sure you resize them to 1024 X 768 just like the digital entries. 4. Now you must prove to me that you really did print images for competition SO you need to take a picture of the print that you made. No need to get fancy with this PROOF image. Snap a photo with your cell phone and save it as a small file. When saving this image Name it- PROOF PLUS the SAME TITLE AS THAT (DIGITAL) PRINT ENTRY. This proof image will prove to me that you really did print an image. The judge will judge the DIGITAL PRINT image only not the proof image. 5. Go to the webpage and enter all your images.Remember to set your class first. I would suggest you put in the digital first. You know how to do that. Pay close attention to the DATE of the competition- should be 4/6/2020- Nature. 6. You will notice that there are now 10 entry spots available with a new drop down section. Another place for you to pay attention. Why 10 options ? Good questions. You may submit a total of 6 images for our competitions and you need to submit PROOF images for any PRINT entries. Notice you have a few different options . The default is Digital Novice but there is also Advance BW Prints and Advanced BW PROOF. 7. NOW- browse for those digital PRINT files that you have uniquely named . Make sure they are in the 1024 X 768 file size. Make sure you have a matching PROOF file too that is named the same name as that PRINT image file and PROOF in the title. Take your time and put a print entry in as file 3- select from the drop down (PRINT novice or advance and color or BW) Remember to put the PROOF image below the matching Print. 8. Look at the top of the webpage to see if your images are there for the correct competition date. Questions ???? I will be happy to help. ALL images are due on the webpage by Tuesday before midnight. Roz 301 814-3760

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