Bowie-Crofton Camera Club 

Promoting Photographic Skill and Enjoyment
Throughout Central and Southern Maryland.

Invitation to Members to New Mexico Photo Workshop

    Wild West Photography Workshop

   The workshop will be lead by Moose Peterson. Workshop dates are from 9-Oct to 15-Oct., 2022.  For the fee of $995.00 (a little extra for arriving a day early) everything is included (food, snacks, coffee, a big tent with electricity, hot showers by the tents). You can rent bedding or bring a sleeping bag. Activities planned from 1.5 hours before sunrise until late in the evening every day.  There a special photo shoots and many surprises.

   Amtrak leaves DC on 7 Oct to arrive at Raton on 9 Oct. Stan Turk can lead photo excursions after we arrive and Sunday morning before the Moose Peterson workshop starts. Leave to Raton Amtrak Station Saturday 15 October.  Note: Small fee for shuttle.

   The Philmont will be happy to provide transportation from Raton to Philmont and return. Guests should contact the PTC Office to make arrangements.

   Moose gives you a code to get 1 year subscription to KelbyOne-PRO ($200 discount). 

   Here is the link for the workshop:


   Direct questions to Stanley Turk.


Background image by George Smyth