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An Evening with Two Nikon Ambassadors

   On Thursday, June 7, in the Knott Hall Auditorium of The Notre Dame of Maryland University, see two Nikon Ambassadors. The fee for attendance is $50.00.

   Mike Corrado is the creator of the Nikon Ambassador program, and his presentation is all about the power & passion of photography. Mike has worked in different capacities at Nikon USA for over 25 years, and is a really fantastic nature photographer. He also does a great deal of photography for various charities throughout the New York area – and he’s got great examples of his work + lots of information to share about how photography can change the lives of many. However, his favorite subject is the dynamic world of rock & roll concert photography. His work is really different, and it is striking! Mike will discuss the cameras and lenses he chooses for the various subjects he encounters, the best camera and exposure settings to make, recognizing amazing light and many of the pro tips and techniques he has learned along the way. He'll also share some of the behind the scenes stories, experiences and insight on many of the pictures he has made - and those in attendance are bound to be inspired & motivated to make the best photographs possible!

   Kristi Odom is an award winning photographer who is most at home when traveling & in nature – and making lots of images along the way. Kristi is also a motivational speaker, and one of Nikon’s newest ambassadors. Kristi photographs weddings & events all over the world, and she captures the many emotions & personalities that make each event unique & special. She also photographs nature & wildlife, teaches related workshops around the globe, and is active in several charities. If you want to be motivated & encouraged to follow your passion, then you’ll want to see Kristi’s images and hear the inspiring stories.

   Service Photo is preparing EXCLUSIVE offers to those who attend this event, valued at up to $250 per person. As Maryland’s ONLY specialty camera store, we’re doing whatever we can to support photographers throughout the region. We appreciate your sharing of this event with your members, and we look forward to seeing your club members at the event!

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Background image by Dick Russell