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Glen Echo Photoworks Master Photographer Sessions


   We'd like to invite you to join the Photoworks photography community in our next innovative project. We share your goal to develop and nurture the art of photography in the DC Metro area. To that end, we have gathered together a group of Master Photographers to meet on a monthly basis with fellow artists and photographers, and engage in a photo portfolio critique -- offering individualized insight into the art and craft and goals of photography. 
We are hoping you can join us.


   The series of 6 monthly meet-ups runs from 6:30-8:30PM -- Sunday, September 17, 2017 through Sunday, February 18, 2018 -- and each session features a different Master Photographer from the Washington Metro Area. The first session (meeting this coming Sunday, 9/17 at 6:30PM) features Min Enghauser, an award-winning photographer based in Alexandria. Min has a piercing eye for color and detail, offering intimate and powerful portraits of both the natural and man-made. The fee for the entire series of 6 gatherings is $100, and includes a personal 25-30 minute portfolio review with the Master Photographer of your choice. 
In each of the monthly Sunday sessions, the 2-4 students that have signed up for a portfolio review will bring in their cohesive set of images (15-20 prints, darkroom or digital). Each student receives a public portfolio review with the Master Photographer, offering individual insight, guidance and conversation. We'll talk about what makes a good picture, and discuss the direction the student wants to explore. This should help students be better editors of their own images. Students who are not having their work critiqued that month are observers of the process; a uniquely valuable and informative experience. You can sign up for the workshop series, and choose the photographer you'd like to review your work at the following link on Glen Echo Park's website:


   1. Click here:
   2. Our event is listed as "WORKSHOP: Photo Portfolio Review (6 Sessions)"
   3. Look at the list of Master Photographers. Choose one photographer for your portfolio review and sign up with that photographer.


   Contact Karen Keating, Director of Photoworks at

Background image by Vincent Ferrari