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December Field Trip - Arlington National Cemetery

   On Saturday, December 17, we will trek down to Arlington National Cemetery for the annual wreath-laying on the gravestones of fallen military personnel. If you have been to Arlington National Cemetery, you already know how awe-inspiring is the place and the experience. As a photographer, you’ll be additionally inspired by the beauty of the rolling hilllsides of gravestones, colorfully adorned with seasonal green & red wreaths. As a participant/volunteer, you can personally carry & place these wreaths on the gravestones. This field trip can be photographically creative and/or emotionally meaningful.

   The event has become very large over the years, with wreaths brought there from many parts of the country and participant crowds in the thousands. In 2015, 168 companies delivered 300+ loads of wreaths to be placed on veterans’ graves. See:

   We will meet there at 9:00 a.m., curbside, adjacent to the Visitors’ Center along the Cemetery’s entry boulevard (close to the Metro exit). Be forewarned, there will be many people! Look for me in a red baseball cap & red scarf.

   Getting there: Banish any thought of driving and parking. There will be thousands of folks there. The DC Metro for “Arlington Cemetery” will get you there on the BLUE LINE, one stop beyond Rosslyn. Please get there early. I would plan to exit the Metro around 8:30 to 8:45 a.m. As you exit the Metro, you will immediately see dozens of 18-wheelers with wreaths stacked up on the boulevard, all the way down & over the Memorial bridge. Impressive!

   After meeting together, We will “wing it” from there. The trucks deliver their loads to pre-designated locations on the grounds and await unloading in mid-morning. Optionally, You can go to any of the special activities/activities (see website) or you can wander around and schmooze with the folks or the families/relatives of the honored interred. It’s a profound experience.

   Please RSVP,, with your cell number. Don Andberg   443 812--1217 (cell).
P.S.: Pray for light snow. The grounds would look LOVELY with a sugar-coating!

Background image by Dena Selby