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Throughout Central and Southern Maryland.

NIH Camera Club Invites B-CCC Members to Participate

The NIH Camera Club has graciously invited B-CCC members to participate in the following activities.  Check out the open competition on October  7th with cash prizes.  

7-9:30 P.M., Tuesday, August 31: Workshop. Topic: Get Framed with Meipo Martin—A Matting and Framing Workshop.  There is a tendency to be very excited about planning a photographic excursion, when exploring a new location, or when using a new technique. There is even some excitement when one has finished the post-processing process and a beautiful print rolls off the printer or finishes drying in the darkroom. BUT one is still not done if presentation is the goal. Mattes, frames, and glass are important elements in both enhancing and preserving one's artwork. Meipo Martin, who has worked professionally as a framer, will conduct a workshop for the NIH Camera Club at the Classic Residence, a Vi Community by Hyatt on Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase, MD.  There will be a $7 fee for participants to cover speaker costs.


7-9:30 P.M., Tuesday, September 7 (the day after Labor Day) August 31: Workshop. Topic: Basic Functions of a Digital SLR Camera. Flummoxed by all of those buttons, dials, and menus on your camera? A course on basic understanding and use of the digital camera will be taught by the NIH Camera Club member Lewis Lorton. Although this session will be taught using examples from a digital single lens reflex camera, most of the material can be useful for those who shoot advanced point-and-shoot cameras with extensive operator controls. Lew will go over basic set-up of a camera and typical adjustments that are made before the shutter is clicked such as the different adjustments of aperture (lens opening), shutter speed (duration of exposure), and sensor sensitivity (ISO). He will cover the how and why of using these adjustments during different types of shooting. Additional material will be covered as dictated by the progress of the class and questions raised by class participants. If you have burning questions and topics that you want him to cover, please contact him before the session so that he can incorporate them into the agenda. This will be an interactive session. Read your manual. Bring your camera. Preference will be given to club members ($27/yr). The event will be held at the Classic Residence, a Vi Community by Hyatt on Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase, MD

7-9:30 P.M., Tuesday, September 28: Workshop. Topic: Infrared Photography. This club workshop will be presented by Alan Sislen who is a local professional photographer. His specialty is landscapes. Although he enjoys color imaging, he very much enjoys the tonality found in monochrome imaging. His portfolio features both standard black and white photography and infrared photography. For background information, consider reading infrared books by Patrick Rice and David Busch. The event will be held at the Classic Residence, a Vi Community by Hyatt on Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase, MD

Special Competition

Thursday, October 7: Deadline for digital submissions.

5:30-6:45 P.M. Tuesday, October 12: Print (color and monochrome) and slide contest entries accepted. 

7-9 P.M. Tuesday, October 12:  Competition Judging. The competition differs from the usual monthly competition at the NIH Camera Club.

1) The competition is open to non-club members, both members of other camera clubs and unaffiliated photographers.

2) There are entry fees for all participants, including club members. The $2/entry fee must be paid prior to the start of the competition.

3) Images are assigned a composite score based upon independent assessment by members of a three-judge panel.

4—Cash prizes are awarded for the top three winners in each category: 1st place – $30,  2nd place _ $20,  and 3rd place – $10. Ribbons are awarded for images receiving Honorable Mention.

Topic: Open (Any subject that produces an interesting image. It could consist of people, places, or things. Here is a chance to include sunrises/sunsets, sports events, humorous moments, photojournalistic happenings, street or market scenes, or a gala celebration.

The event will be held at the Classic Residence, a Vi Community by Hyatt on Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase, Md.

Background image by Dick Russell