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Inter-Club Competition on March 31st

     Bowie-Crofton Camera Club will be hosting an Inter-Club Competition on March 31st, 2008. The invited clubs include the Silver Spring Camera Club, the North Bethesda Camera Club, and the National Institutes of Health Camera Club. There are specific rules that apply only to this competition. Although they are not to much different from the B-CCC rules, you should read them carefully to avoid any disqualifications.

Basic Rules

These rules are merely to standardize the competition process and to place all entrants on an even plane. They are not meant to over ride rules established within the individual clubs nor create a standard for future inter-club competitions. Points will not be awarded by the Inter-Club Competition Committee but the various clubs are encouraged to award points according to their own rules.

  1. Topics (or themes) for all categories will be open, i.e., no assigned subject.
  2. There will be no class distinction, i.e., all entrants will compete as equals.
  3. Each person may enter up to 3 images per category.
  4. There will be four categories:


    1. Traditional slides (2” x 2”)
    2. Monochrome Prints (max 24” x 24”)
    3. Color Prints (max 24” x 24”)
    4. Digital Projection (max 1024 pixels wide x 768 pixels high)


  1. Each club will be responsible for their own entries and must appoint a contact person to monitor adherence to the rules and to be sure all the entries are collected and returned.


  1. All entries must have the makers name, Title, club name and be appropriately marked to show orientation. As in the past, slides must have a ‘thumb print’ in the lower left corner. All prints should have a prominent arrow pointing to the top edge. All digital entries must be submitted in their proper orientation.



  1. All digital entries must be submitted on CD’s. It is preferred that one member from each club collect the digital entries, combine them on one CD and submit them to the competition chairman at least 10 days prior to the competition. Entrants may, where necessary, submit their entries on their own CD provided all the other rules of this paragraph are adhered to. Images should be saved in jpeg (high) format, sized to be no more than 1024 pixels wide and no more than 768 pixels high. The color space should be sRGB to correspond with the calibrated projector space. Each image must be identified with the initials of the club, the photographers name and the title of the image, i.e., NBCC~Tom Jones~Washington Landscape.jpg, separated by tildes (~), with no other punctuation  except a period ahead of the jpg designation (.jpg). Each CD should be marked with a fine point Sharpie with the owners name, club name and telephone number.



  1. Competition will begin promptly at 7:30 PM. All entries must be submitted prior to 7 PM. The delegate for each club will need to assist with the logging in process.




    There will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place award plus 10% Honorable Mentions in each category.


Background image by George Smyth