Bowie-Crofton Camera Club 

Promoting Photographic Skill and Enjoyment
Throughout Central and Southern Maryland.


   Monday April 29th is the fifth Friday of the month. There will be no meeting.


9/8/2023  Announcement
   We'll have our first meeting for the new club year on Monday, September 11.

1/25/2023  Announcement
   Please look over the schedule for the remainder of the club year, and especially note which meetings will be held in person, and which will be virtual only.

1/13/2023  Announcement


   Welcome back to a new club year! Next we try hybrid.

9/5/2022  Competition
   It's time to submit your entries!

8/4/2022  Announcement
   The Bowie Arts Committee (BAC) will sponsor an exhibit of artwork from local artists from Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia. The theme for this show is Fall to Winter.

7/26/2022  Announcement
   B-CCC member Stanley Turk is inviting members to join him on this photography workshop with Nikon Ambassador Moose Peterson.

6/30/2022  Announcement
   Upcoming MPA Activities

2/13/2022  Program
   Join the Coastal Camera Club for our Virtual Photo Beach Bash, on Feb. 19 and Feb.26.


12/27/2021  Announcement
   We will continue to meet virtually.

12/21/2021  Competition
   A reminder to get your Jan. 3 competition entries in.

11/16/2021  Field Trip
   November 27, 2021 Longwood Gardens field trip time change

   Saturday October 23rd, Beth Fabey is sponsoring a joint field between our club and St. Mary's Camera Club.

   CUNNINGHAM FALLS Field Trip October 16, 2021

9/23/2021  Announcement
   Janet Matthews has a solo photography show of her "Tangled" project at the College of Southern Maryland in LaPlata.

9/16/2021  Program
   We have an updated list of program speakers for our meetings.

9/11/2021  Announcement
   Aubrey Mumford, a long-time member of B-CCC, passed away.

   The Maryland Photography Alliance (MPA) is pleased to announce its 5th Annual Photography Contest has officially started.

   For those who attended Odyssey of Light hosted by the Maryland Photography Alliance earlier this year. Your Nations Photo Lab $30 gift certificate will be expiring on August 31. This is opportunity to get an early start on your competition prints for the upcoming club year.

   BAC is sponsoring an exhibit of local artists. The theme is "The Great Outdoors".

   Here is the opportunity to learn some new skills. The next MPA Artist spotlight will be "Compositing" with Jim Zuckerman Wednesday, August 18, 2021 7:00 PM EST

7/9/2021  Workshop
   The Optic 2021 virtual conference is being held on July 11 and 12.

7/8/2021  Announcement
   MPA’s next FREE “Artist Spotlight” webinar will take place on Wednesday, July 21 at 7:00 PM. The speaker is Ibarionex Perello and the topic will be “Improve Your Photography by Getting Out of the Way”.

5/25/2021  Announcement
   The Maryland Photography Alliance (MPA) is looking for volunteers to serve on the following two (2) short-term ad hoc committees

   Tim Grey will present the GreyLearning Virtual Photo Conference, which is a free all-day live online event with a variety of presentations on photography, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and more.

   Roy Sewell is sharing his newletter with us

   Old Bowie is having an arts and heritage themed festival.

   2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the C&O Canal National Historical Park joining the National Park Service.

   From the organization that brings you "Artist Spotlight", MPA is incredibly pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for the 2021 "Odyssey of Light" Webinar.


12/5/2020  Program
   You are invited to a Zoom meeting sponsored by the Saint Mary's County Camera Club: Presentation by Chris Harris, photojournalist on February 11, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

12/1/2020  Announcement
   To any film users out there who may be interested, two enlargers are available.

11/13/2020  Announcement
   B-CCC member Janet Matthews is featured in an article in "On Landscape", an on-line magazine for landscape photographers.

11/10/2020  Workshop
   The Maryland Photography Alliance’s (MPA) “Artist Spotlight” Webinar Series is back. Speakers are now scheduled for November and December.

10/30/2020  Field Trip
   November 14th, Stanley Turk will be leading the next field trip highlighting the Best of Bowie.


10/21/2020  How-To
   The Maryland Photography Alliance is presenting a class on Milky Way post-processing.

10/3/2020  Program
   On Thursday, October 8th, 7:00 p.m., SMCCC will feature Kerry Watson as the speaker on Becoming a Competent Photographer.

9/30/2020  Field Trip
   Come and join us to photograph covered bridges in Frederick County, Maryland.

   Camera Club is about to begin and we all need the access code for the ZOOM meetings. Please click on this article for all the information you need to participate in our weekly meetings. The first club meeting will be September 14th. All meetings start at 7:30pm.

   As we begin a new club year, it is time to renew your membership.

   Webinar presented by The Coastal Camera Club featuring Nikhal Baal. Full details below. Must register via Event brite. All info below.

7/8/2020  Program
   The Baltimore Camera Club is hosting Cole Thompson this Thursday. The program will be "Why Black and White?"

6/17/2020  Workshop
   An invitation from another Maryland Photography Alliance club! If you've never heard's your chance! Zoom will be opened at 7:30 p.m. and the webinar starts at 8:00 p.m.. The first 100 will be able to attend.

6/8/2020  Announcement
   Here is the actual Zoom link. No emailing required.

6/7/2020  Announcement
   You are invited to a Zoom meeting sponsored by the St. Mary's County Camera Club on Thursday, June 11, at 7:00 p.m.

   The MPA photo contest is in full swing. Please submit your images soon.

   Please get your end of year images on to the website immediately. Had a little problem with the webpage today. Hopefully it is accepting images now. You may have to add the images manually at the bottom of the competition webpage. Please remember to put them in the correct category (ie: NoviceBWprint, NoviceColorPrint, Novice Digital) Email Roz with a copy of all your images if you have questions or problems submitting to the website.

5/6/2020  Workshop
   Join the program on Saturday, May 16.

   Here is your link to get on the LIVE Judging of the April-"Nature" competition. Thanks to all of the members who got on the practice session on Saturday afternoon. CLICK on this article for all the information to get on the virtual competition. I will open the ZOOM session at 7pm. Please plan on getting on to Zoom before 7:25pm. For those that did not attend the Saturday session: you will need to get the Zoom app on your device (computer, cell phone, tablet or IPAD) before you can get on the meeting. Easy to do. The log-on address is below. Copy and paste it in your browser so you can get on the webpage. Follow the prompts to put the Zoom .exe file on your device.

4/3/2020  Competition
   Click on the link in this email "Join Zoom Meeting" at 2pm on Saturday 4/4/20 to learn about the upcoming online competition and learn about ZOOM- the virtual meeting link. You need to click on this blue title to see more info.

4/2/2020  Competition
   The Maryland Photography Alliance is sponsoring its 4th Annual Photography Contest.

3/28/2020  Competition
   Please pay close attention to the new changes.The April 6, 2020 B-CCC competition NATURE will still happen but please note some changes. When you log-on to the club website, you will notice some changes. There is NO change when entering digital images. Do what you always do. Remember to set your class first. It is impossible to get your print entries for the competition so we are doing the next best thing. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to THESE CHANGES. Follow the steps carefully. 1. Print your images for competition (theme=NATURE) like you always do. Yes, you must still print them. You can still submit two images in Color Print and two in Black and White along with your two digital entries. 2. Find those digital files that you printed that Nature image from. This DIGITAL file will act as your print entries. 3. Name this digital file with that same unique name of your print. Make sure you resize them to 1024 X 768 just like the digital entries. 4. Now you must prove to me that you really did print images for competition SO you need to take a picture of the print that you made. No need to get fancy with this PROOF image. Snap a photo with your cell phone and save it as a small file. When saving this image Name it- PROOF PLUS the SAME TITLE AS THAT (DIGITAL) PRINT ENTRY. This proof image will prove to me that you really did print an image. The judge will judge the DIGITAL PRINT image only not the proof image. 5. Go to the webpage and enter all your images.Remember to set your class first. I would suggest you put in the digital first. You know how to do that. Pay close attention to the DATE of the competition- should be 4/6/2020- Nature. 6. You will notice that there are now 10 entry spots available with a new drop down section. Another place for you to pay attention. Why 10 options ? Good questions. You may submit a total of 6 images for our competitions and you need to submit PROOF images for any PRINT entries. Notice you have a few different options . The default is Digital Novice but there is also Advance BW Prints and Advanced BW PROOF. 7. NOW- browse for those digital PRINT files that you have uniquely named . Make sure they are in the 1024 X 768 file size. Make sure you have a matching PROOF file too that is named the same name as that PRINT image file and PROOF in the title. Take your time and put a print entry in as file 3- select from the drop down (PRINT novice or advance and color or BW) Remember to put the PROOF image below the matching Print. 8. Look at the top of the webpage to see if your images are there for the correct competition date. Questions ???? I will be happy to help. ALL images are due on the webpage by Tuesday before midnight. Roz 301 814-3760

3/28/2020  Competition
   Don't forget to send your entries for the Photographic Society of America Contest to Denise Hill.

3/23/2020  Competition
   Yes the competition will be happening but NOT the usual way. We are still quarantined and can not meet at church but creative ways are in process to get the judging done remotely. More details to follow. Know that you will get to see the competition from the comfort of your home via ZOOM. So get your NATURE images ready. Read the rules carefully. Remember NATURE IS "No hand of man" in your images. No roads, bridges, "Contrails" in the sky, swings or plowed field. Every effort is being made to get prints judged also. So get printing too. Call Roz 301 814-3760 if you have questions.

   The church has closed for all outside activities for the month of March due to Covid-19. We will notify you about April meetings when information is available. Get your competition entries in by March 31st for April 6- Nature theme competition.

2/12/2020  Field Trip
   Field Trip: Something a little different from our usual photo shoots. We will be photographing the Charm City Rollers.


   Our November speaker Don Rosenberger, is giving our group first chance for this April light painting workshop.

   Several of our members will participate in this show and sale. If you're looking for a one of a kind gift, please stop by.

10/21/2019  Exhibit
   Display in the Activity Center at Bohrer Park, Gaithersburg

10/16/2019  Program
   Burke Seim, who was originally scheduled for the November Program meeting, has graciously moved his talk to October 21.

10/15/2019  Field Trip
   To the Historic Maxwell Hall Colonial Faire. Meet at 10:00am at The Historic Maxwell Hall Colonial Faire on 3939 Oyster House Road, Broomes Island, MD 20615. Contact Beth Fabey for more details. It will be a fabulous day !!!

   The B-CCC Competition webpage is now ready for the 2019-2020 season. Members may put entries in for all of the upcoming 8 competition if you paid your dues for 2019-2020. Special note for those folks that may already have put entries in to this year's competition-You must resubmit them. Sorry for this confusion.

8/18/2019  Workshop
   David Luria, who will be one of our speakers this club year, is leading a Photo Safari with Viking Cruises on the Danube River.

   Show us your skills! Enter the 2019 FoKAG Photography Contest

   The Maryland Photography Alliance (MPA) is a union of regional photography/camera clubs throughout the State of Maryland. This contest will be the largest digital-image, interclub photography contest of the year.

   North Bethesda Camera Club presents speaker Leo Lubow for an all day seminar.

7/24/2019  Competition
   MPA will host its 3rd annual photography contest.

7/24/2019  Exhibit
   The theme of this exhibit will be "Seasons of Change". The exhibit will be up from September 14, 2019—November 16, 2019.

6/22/2019  Announcement
   All B-CCC members are invited to join the Arundel Camera Club for a hands-on evening of food photography on June 27.

6/20/2019  Announcement
   The 26th annual Howard County pow-wow and show will take place at the Howard County Fairgrounds on July 20 and 21, 2019.

6/20/2019  Exhibit
   The Maryland Historical Society is presenting a photography exhibition that explores humankind's favorite subject - ourselves.


6/20/2019  Workshop
   The Nature Visions Photography Expo for 2019 will take place from November 1 to November 3 in Manassas, Virginia.

5/11/2019  Exhibit
   Three of our club members have work in the current exhibit at the Bowie City Hall.

4/29/2019  Competition
   The Maryland Photography Alliance will hold its 3rd annual photography contest.

4/25/2019  Field Trip
   The previously scheduled field trip to Old Luckett's Store is cancelled, due to a conflict with another event that day.

4/17/2019  Field Trip
   Due to severe weather predictions- the Winterthur part of the field trip is canceled. Go directly to Longwood Gardens. More info in this article. Contact Beth Fabey if you are still planning on going to Longwood.

   David Blecman is leading a photography tour to Cuba for January, 2020.

3/28/2019  Announcement
   Moving to a Smaller Studio, Need to Reduce STUFF. All Items for Quick Sale!

   Frank will have his new book Recovered Memory: New York and Paris 1960-1980 on sale for $45. at the next club meeting on March 4, 2019

2/22/2019  Announcement
   Rob Trek, a local YouTube video blogger, has featured B-CCC's Gary Kohn, and his exhibit, "The World Through My Eyes".

2/19/2019  Exhibit
   You are invited to attend the artist's reception for the B-CCC gallery show at Bowie City Hall.

2/18/2019  Workshop
   This year's Photo Beach Bash is coming up on Sunday, March 24, in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

1/28/2019  How-To
   Janet Matthews graciously supplied notes for our talk on Smartphone photography.

1/28/2019  Announcement
   Gary is interviewed by "Woman Around Town" Magazine regarding his work and his current exhibit.

1/22/2019  Announcement
   An amazing light show at the National Cathedral.

1/15/2019  Exhibit
   Reception will be on Sunday, January 20.

1/15/2019  Exhibit
   The deadline for entering the B-CCC Exhibit at Bowie City Hall is fast approaching.

1/14/2019  Announcement
   The meeting for Monday, January 14 has been cancelled.


12/4/2018  Exhibit
   Photoworks is proud to host the first solo exhibition of work from Frank Van Riper's new book, "Recovered Memory: New York & Paris 1960 - 1980".

12/4/2018  Program
   The Creative Photography Society of Baltimore has announced that tickets are now available for the 2019 :Odyssey of Light" Seminar on April 27.

12/3/2018  Announcement
   Chestertown, Maryland, is hosting their 2nd Annual Dickens of a Christmas December 6 - 9.

11/20/2018  Announcement
   You are invited to the Muddy Creek Artists Guild's Holiday Art Show and Sale! Please join us over 2 long weekends and get your holiday shopping underway without the mall traffic and supporting local artists.

10/25/2018  Program
   Sixteen Photographers distinguished in their fields professionally and as educators. Each brings extensive experience in communicating their photographic knowledge and wisdom.

9/26/2018  Announcement
   The Leukemia and Lymphoma Light the Night is in need of photographers for the Northern Virginia Walk (October 12) at the Reston Town Center and October 13 at the Rockville Town Square.

9/20/2018  Competition
   The Maryland Photography Alliance just announced its 2nd Annual Photography Contest and we hope you will participate.

9/9/2018  Announcement
   Join us on September 10 at 7:30 p.m. for a relaxing evening of photographs from near and far.

9/3/2018  Exhibit
   The Delaplaine Arts Center in Frederick, Maryland, is hosting their annual juried exhibit. You can enter!

8/10/2018  Workshop
   The Maryland Photography Alliance (MPA) is proud to present a seminar on “Classic Street Photography: "What the Masters Can Teach Us".

7/18/2018  Exhibit
   Artist's Reception on Sunday, July 22.

7/5/2018  Exhibit
   The Bowie-Crofton Camera Club and the City of Bowie Senior Center are hosting a photo exhibit.

6/20/2018  Competition
   The 15th Annual Maryland Department of Natural Resources Photo Contest runs now through Aug. 31, 2018. Winners will be featured in the department’s 2019 wall calendar and published in the winter 2019 edition of the magazine.

6/8/2018  Announcement
   Join us on Monday, June 11, for the big celebration.

5/28/2018  Announcement
   This survey will help us continue and improve what the Bowie-Crofton Camera Club provides. It is for both members and non-members.

   Next club meeting is June 11, 2018. You have a few Mondays off. End of Year Awards and Dessert meeting will happen on Monday June 11th. Bring a dessert or two to share. Call Leslie if you need ideas on what to bring. Election of officers will take place at this meeting

   Just a reminder that Monday, May 7th will be our last competition for this club year. The theme is "Open". That means any photo can be entered with no theme. See you Monday night.

2/21/2018  Field Trip
   On March 10 and 11, B-CCC will travel to Winchester, Virginia for a field trip that goes back into history.

1/31/2018  Announcement
   National Geographic Photographer Bruce Dale, and Nikon USA Ambassador Tamara Lackey will present a one-day seminar.

1/3/2018  Field Trip
   Everyone has the chance to participate in a glassblowing project in collaboration with an experienced glass artist. You will be directly involved in the glassblowing process to create your masterpiece, choosing shape, colors, size, and style of glass.


11/15/2017  Field Trip

11/5/2017  Announcement
   FotoWeekDC is just around the corner, November 11-19.

10/31/2017  Announcement
   The Baltimore Camera Club, a co-member of the "Maryland Photography Alliance" is offering this outing. Only 30 people will be allowed to take advantage of this shoot opportunity.

10/12/2017  How-To
   B-CCC October's 5th Monday presentation, "Clicking the Shutter", will feature 4 of the clubs most winning competitors.

10/11/2017  Program
   On Monday, October 16, B-CCC's own Zolt Levay will discuss his experience and techniques for photographing the solar eclipse this August.

9/20/2017  Competition
   This will be the largest digital image interclub photography contest of the year.

9/20/2017  Exhibit
   Gary Jones, who spoke at B-CCC last club year on the subject of lighting, has an exhibit coming up in Rockville, Maryland.

9/14/2017  Workshop
   Photoworks has gathered together a group of Master Photographers to meet on a monthly basis with fellow artists and photographers, and engage in a photo portfolio critique.

9/11/2017  Announcement
   Bring an appetizer and your photos!

9/7/2017  Announcement
   Gary Kohn and Bill Conway are making news with their photography.

8/4/2017  Field Trip
   Our first field trip for the 2017-2018 club year will take place on September 2, at the Maryland State Fair in Timonium.

7/14/2017  Announcement
   Experience the park in the evening by joining rangers for a tour of the ponds to see the night blooming Victoria Lilies and other things that come out at night.

6/26/2017  Exhibit
   Gary Kohn has two images that were selected to be in the current exhibit at Bowie City Hall.

   The next Club Meeting will be the Awards Night on June 5th. Bring a dessert and come celebrate with all the winners. Need ideas on what to bring ? Call Leslie Ferrari. See you on Monday, June 5th.

4/27/2017  Workshop
   Steve Rosenbach, who presented a program at our meeting on April 24, hosts a number of photo tours.

2/13/2017  Exhibit
   Janet Matthews has a new show at the Multiple Exposures Gallery entitled "Small Anxieties".

   Betsy Hudson is looking for a wedding photographer. If you are interested in more information about photography her wedding, please give her a call at 410 997-1008

1/12/2017  Announcement
   The Red Cross is looking for some volunteer photographers.

1/12/2017  Program
   The speaker who was originally scheduled for the Program Meeting on January 16 could not be there, but Bob Peterson has graciously offered to fill the void. We are happy to have him.

   Your photographs are requested for a new funding opportunity to help Herb with the Lonaconing Silk Mill repairs.


12/21/2016  Competition
   Don't forget to get yours in!

12/2/2016  Field Trip
   On January 22, the club will spend the day at Glen Echo.

12/1/2016  Field Trip
   On Saturday, December 17, we will trek down to Arlington National Cemetery for the annual wreath-laying on the gravestones of fallen military personnel.

11/16/2016  Workshop
   There is a change of venue for this event.

   Reminder that the next B-CCC meeting will be held at Bowie City Hall located at 15901 Excalibur Road, Bowie Maryland 20716. This is a different location than previously announced in our yearly calendar of events.

   There is No B-CCC meeting on Monday, November 7, 2016 as the church is an election polling site. Next B-CCC meeting is on Monday, November 14, 2016 at Bowie City Hall located at 15901 Excalibur Road, Bowie, MD 20716 ROOM 243.

10/30/2016  Field Trip
   Jeanine Cummins has arranged a field trip to a candy factory in Washington, D.C., for November 5.

7/20/2016  Field Trip
   We'll be going to "Steam Into History" on Saturday, September 24.

   Stop by between 10a and 2pm to talk to the Nikon Rep and see the new products.

6/21/2016  Exhibit
   The exhibit is at Bowie City Hall

   Maryland Photography Alliance has announced a juried photography exhibit in Howard County. Any Maryland resident may submit up to two images for consideration free of charge by the May 31st deadline. If your digital images are selected, you must them have them printed, matted, framed and ready to hang. Full details to follow:

5/11/2016  Social Event
   The Eberts will be presenting a slideshow of their recent trip to China on Sunday, May 22 at Riderwood.

   The Honor Flight group that Danni Downing shoots for is looking for a second volunteer photographer who would be willing to take photos of what's called the Flags of Our Heroes. Families of war veterans who were supposed to come to DC but who passed before they could make the trip send a photo of the veteran--or sometimes bring it themselves--so that we can take a picture of the veteran at his or her memorial. It's a service the Badger Honor Flight group provides that means so much to the veterans' families. We currently have two scheduled dates : April 30th and May 21st to photograph. There are two families to photograph on April 30th and nine families to photograph on May 21st. This number may increase. Expected time that the photographer is needed is about two hours plus your travel time. PLEASE contact Danni Downing if you can help or want more details at

5/6/2016  Competition
   Photo ’16, a national, juried photographic competition. Enties accepted through June 30, 2016. For pospectus and submission information please go to:

   A problem has occurred with the date changes on the competition page of the club website. Please go to the competition page and change the dates for your End Of Year entries ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd, honorable mentions) to May 11th. You may enter two images for the May 9th competition.

4/6/2016  Competition
   Get them in by April 23!

   As of March 24, 2016, Google is now offering the NikSoftware Complete download for free. Yes, you read that right. Go to and click on the top right for the free download.

3/15/2016  Announcement
   A Memorial service will be held on Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. at the Collington Life Center on 10450 Lottsford Road, Mitchellville, MD 20721.

   The February 15th meeting is canceled due to snow, ice and an un-plowed parking lot. See you next week. Roz

1/24/2016  Announcement
   Due to inclement weather, the meeting for Monday, January 25 is being cancelled.

1/3/2016  Field Trip
   Due to construction, the National Museum of the Marine Corps will be closed for a prolonged period of time.


12/30/2015  President's Comments
   The Memorial Service for Dick Whitley will be held on Saturday, January 9, 2016 from 4-6pm at The Lee Funeral Home 6633 Old Alexandria Ferry Road, Clinton, MD.

11/28/2015  Announcement
   Former B-CCC member Christine B Hunt has some book for sale.

10/29/2015  Field Trip
   On October 31 we will visit Chestertown, Maryland for the Downrigging Weekend.

10/26/2015  Competition
   Entries for the PSA photo contest are due.

10/23/2015  Announcement
   Sign up for their newsletter to receive a 20% discount.

10/2/2015  Field Trip
   Due to weather concerns, we will not be going to the Harry Potter Festival in Chestertown.

9/7/2015  Announcement
   B-CCC Club Members: Here is an opportunity to support our club members. Please consider donating to the Annual Mini-golf Outing to benefit the Dena Kohn Memorial Scholarship Fund at the Theatre Lab is Sunday, September 20, 2015. See flyer below or call Gary at 703 623-5488 for more details.

9/3/2015  Announcement
   Sorry to say that there will be NO September Pig-Out this club year. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday September 21st for our first meeting of the year. You can pay club dues by mail. Send checks to B-CCC PO Box 515, Bowie, MD 20718

8/17/2015  Announcement
   Best wishes are sent to Pat French and Dick Whitley.

8/3/2015  Field Trip
   The B-CCC Field Trip to Ladew Topiary Gardens is scheduled for September 12, 2015, led by Jessyca Stansbury- McCargo

8/2/2015  Announcement
   Long time B-CCC member, Richard Rohlfing has died after a long illness.

7/11/2015  Announcement
   B-CCC member Gary Kohn has had two photographic articles published in the on-line magazine "Woman Around Town".

7/1/2015  Announcement
   Dena's new book, "North of Normal: notes from a rural town" is now available for purchase.

3/4/2015  Announcement
   The Bloomwatch Twitter feed will keep you up to date on the latest news about this year's Cherry Blossoms.

2/21/2015  PSA
   The next PSA Competition is just days away. Please send your images to Denise Hill ( by Sunday February 21st.

2/18/2015  Field Trip
   The Shoot the Milky Way field trip to Moorefield,WV scheduled for Saturday, February 21, 21015 is canceled due to bad weather.

1/7/2015  Field Trip
   B-CCC will visit the Smithsonian's Udvar-Hazy Center on Saturday, January 10. Here is an update for that trip.


11/23/2014  Social Event
   Join us at Hella's!

11/21/2014  Announcement
   Free trial download of ProShow available, and don't forget the monthly slideshow workshops!

11/16/2014  Announcement
   Our meeting location for the November 17 meeting is changed!

11/11/2014  Field Trip
   A December Field Trip is scheduled for the club to visit the Christmas event at Williamsburg Village, Virginia, December 19, 20 & 21.

11/8/2014  Workshop
   The Design4Kids and Fotokids projects in Guatemala are putting on a photo workshop during Semana Santa (Holy Week) in March - April of 2015.

10/30/2014  Exhibit
   Click this article for directions on how to get there!

10/6/2014  Announcement
   On Oct. 8, Interested skywatchers should attempt to see the total eclipse of the moon and the rising sun simultaneously.

7/23/2014  Exhibit
   B-CCC will be exhibiting photographs at the Huntington Community Center in Old Bowie in November and December, 2014.

7/8/2014  Program
   The Creative Photography Society is kicking off our Webinar Series on Thursday, July 10 at 7:00 p.m. (EDST) with Blake Rudis of Everyday HDR and HDR Insider.

6/19/2014  Announcement
   A speaker of a past B-CCC program, Michelle Frankfurter has a Kickstarter campaign to get her book funded.

6/18/2014  Field Trip
   The B-CCC will be travelling to the Pittsburgh area on the weekend of JULY 26-27 to tour & photograph the CARRIE BLAST FURNACE & Mill plus the W.A. YOUNG MACHINE SHOP & FOUNDRY.

5/29/2014  Announcement
   Our End of Year Awards Meeting will take place at the All Saints Lutheran Church on Monday, June 16, at 7:30 p.m.

5/14/2014  Competition
   We have an exciting and interesting group of competition topics for the next club year.

5/13/2014  Field Trip
   Dave Ebert reports from the shore that the weather conditions are good.

4/5/2014  Exhibit
   Janet's exhibit will run until June 1, with a reception on Sunday, April 13.

3/28/2014  Field Trip
   Due to the dire predictions of heavy rain for the entire day on Saturday, March 29, we are cancelling this field trip.

3/11/2014  Announcement
   A B-CCC member is participating in "Ride for the Feast" on May 10 and 11. You can help!

3/3/2014  Announcement
   The meeting for Monday March 3 is CANCELLED due to the weather, and the competiton will be postponed until next Monday, March 10.

2/25/2014  Field Trip
   Carl Lancaster is putting together a weekend-long photographic trip to New York City. The date is June 13-15, 2014.

2/12/2014  Social Event
   David and Marketa Ebert will be presenting a collection of photographic slide shows from their traveling adventures.

2/10/2014  Field Trip
   Join us on March 29 for this great annual event.

   An interesting piece involving photography and the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

2/4/2014  Field Trip
   Join us on February 8 for some great photography and fun too.


12/28/2013  Field Trip
    The January field trip will take place on Saturday, January 11, 2014 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

12/20/2013  Announcement
   Flag Ponds Nature Park in Lusby, Maryland, is opening its gates at 6:45 a.m. on January 18, 2014 for artists.

12/16/2013  Workshop
   Bill Conway will be in Washington, DC, early on the morning of December 17.

10/17/2013  Exhibit
   This is an update regarding the club's upcoming exhibit.

10/7/2013  Workshop
   Registration is open for this great annual event.

10/1/2013  Field Trip
   If you plan to go on this November trip, please read the information contained in this article.

9/25/2013  Announcement
   Here is some important and updated information for those wishing to join Don Andberg on this great field trip.

9/24/2013  Exhibit
   The Bowie-Crofton Camera Club will be putting on an exhibition at Side Street Framers & Gift Gallery in Severna Park.

9/12/2013  Announcement
    The Washington School of Photography offers both an affiliate and resident photographer program, offering studio and office space to photographers in the Washington metropolitan area.

9/2/2013  Announcement
   The Bowie -Crofton Camera Club has been asked to submit digital photos for a new monthly publication called Bowie Life.

8/16/2013  Competition
   The "Capture the Heart of America" Photo Contest for 2013 is sponsored by the Silos and Smoke Stacks National Heritage Area.

7/16/2013  Social Event
   Our annual cookout gathering, now known as B-CCC Members Day, will be held on Sunday, September 1, at the home of Clarence and Marti Carvell.

7/16/2013  Field Trip
   Clarence Carvell will be leading a club field trip to the Frontier Museum in Staunton, Virginia in November. Early reservations are recommended.

5/14/2013  Announcement
   Peak spawning occurs this year on May 25. This is a rare and excellent opportunity for nature photography.

4/24/2013  How-To
   Stefan Kaben's resource information from his 22 April 2013 presentation is now available.

3/27/2013  Field Trip
   The club will visit the historic Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pa., on April 6.

2/24/2013  Workshop
   The Carrie Murray Nature Center in Baltimore, Maryland is inviting photographers to a day of bird photography.

2/18/2013  Field Trip
   The club will host a field trip on March 9 to an abandoned silk mill in Western Maryland.

2/14/2013  Announcement
   June 29, 1935 - February 12, 2013

2/14/2013  Announcement
   This year's show will be on Sunday, March 10. B-CCC members and others are all welcome to attend.

2/13/2013  Workshop
   Bob Matthews has arranged with Richard Pippin to offer a 2-day Lith Printing workshop.

2/13/2013  Exhibit
   Show at the Greater Reston Arts Center through Feb. 23. These two articles appearing in local media discuss the event.

2/6/2013  Competition
    One of our club members has a winning photo posted on PSA's web page.

1/29/2013  How-To
   Bill Conway's presentation of shooting star trails and light painting is available in the Resources tab.


12/12/2012  Field Trip
   There will be a field trip to Luray Caverns for a private photographic tour in January.

Update on Longwood Gardens Field Trip
11/14/2012  Field Trip
   This is an update of information for the upcoming field trip to Longwood Gardens on November 24.

10/25/2012  Social Event
   Our annual Holiday Dinner will once again be at Hella's Restaurant.

9/30/2012  Field Trip
   The late October field trip date is Oct. 26.

9/22/2012  Competition
   This is a short bio on Bryan Ramsay, who will be the judge for our October 1 Open Competiton.

9/12/2012  Field Trip
   There is an updated for the field trip this Saturday to the Cowtown Rodeo in New Jersey.

8/20/2012  Exhibit
   Two of our members currently have their work being exhibited as part of juried shows.

8/17/2012  Announcement
   Bill Conway will be leading a photowalk on Worldwide Photowalk Day, October 13, in Lusby, Maryland.

7/27/2012  Announcement
   Our club newsletter, "The Viewfinder", has won two awards in the annual newsletter contest from the PSA.

7/21/2012  Field Trip
   The B-CCC Field Trip Committee is planning a field trip to the coast of Maine during the first week of October.

Save the Date for the Annual Pig-Out Dinner
7/21/2012  Social Event
   The 2012 B-CCC Pig Out is planned for Sunday, Sept. 2.

4/28/2012  Workshop
   B-CCC member George Smyth will present a demonstration on the making of bromoil prints on May 3 in Rockville.

4/22/2012  Exhibit
   Janet Matthews and George Smyth are featured in the "Alternative Visions" exhibition at Photoworks Photography School and Gallery in Glen Echo, Maryland.

4/16/2012  Exhibit
   Dick Bond will be having a reception for his solo exhibit at Maryland Hall for the Performing Arts on April 27.

   The Aerodrome is a living museum of antique aviation in Rhinebeck, New York, and a great place to capture some terrific photographs.

3/29/2012  Announcement
   Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) members now have the opportunity to join the FONZ Photo Club.

3/29/2012  Announcement
   Although you are aware of LensWork (our print magazine), we'd like to point your attention to our extensive and free Internet site on photography and the creative process, LensWork Daily.

3/20/2012  Competition
   Due to a scheduling conflict involving the election on April 3, we are moving the date for the April (Nature) Competition to Monday, April 9.

2/27/2012  Competition
   Joe Campbell will be the judge for the March 5 competition.

   We received word today that former club member Carl Balcerak has died. Visitation al will be held on Thursday March 1, 2012 at 10:00am at St. Pius X Church, Route 450, Bowie, Maryland. Mass of Christian burial will follow at 11:00am.

2/12/2012  Exhibit
   The Bowie-Crofton Camera Club will have an exhibit of photographs on display in the Galleries at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, Maryland, from February 23 - April 8, 2012.

1/29/2012  Exhibit
   Marion Shipman has images on exhibit at the Bowie Center for Performing Arts.

1/20/2012  Workshop
   The Baltimore Camera Club is sponsoring a seminar by John Paul Caponigro on Saturday, March 3, 2012.

1/20/2012  How-To
   There will be a change of speaker for Monday's meeting, but not a change of subject.

1/4/2012  Announcement
   Penn Camera is filing for bankruptcy, and will be closing five stores immediately.

1/4/2012  Announcement
   B-CCC member George Smyth was interviewed by "Fotosavant", a journal discussing and exhibiting the excellence and diversity that is handrafted photography.


12/12/2011  Announcement
   The 2012 B-CCC Holiday Dinner/Party at Hellas Restaurant (in Millersville, MD) on January 8, 2012 will not start until 4:00 p.m.

11/14/2011  Exhibit
   Students from Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women and Refugee Youth Project were mentored by National Geographic Photo Camp staff to produce a photo and multimedia exhibition about the disappearing islands of the Chesapeake Bay.

11/7/2011  Announcement
   Long time B-CCC member Patricia Bress passed away on Sunday, November 6.

10/26/2011  Social Event
   The Holiday Dinner has been set for Sunday, January 8, 2012. It will once again be at Hellas Restaurant in Millersville, MD from 3:00 p.m. until ?????

10/23/2011  Competition
   The judge for our November 7 "Leading Lines" competition has changed.

10/21/2011  Program
   Nikhil Bahl, who offered a program on creating interpretations, has an eBook that expands upon the ideas on which he spoke.

9/29/2011  Workshop
   Dates are available in the spring and fall of 2012.

9/20/2011  Program
   Michelle Frankfurter offered her project, Destino, at the club's first meeting of the year.

   A photograph taken by a club member will appear on the "Chesapeake 360" Guidebook to the Chesapeake region.

Chip Bulgin to Judge October 3, 2011, OPEN Competition
9/18/2011  Competition
   Chip Bulgin is the judge for our �Open� competition on October 3, 2011.

8/29/2011  Exhibit
   The Bowie-Crofton Camera Club will be putting on an exhibition at the Galleries at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis from February 23-April 8, 2012.

8/23/2011  Social Event
   Be sure to reserve your place for this annual feast and social event.

6/30/2011  Social Event
   Coming - September 4, 2011

4/26/2011  Social Event
   June 4 - Be There!

2/27/2011  Exhibit
   B-CCC member Theresa Harrison had a photograph accepted into the Laurel Art Guild 2011 Juried Art Show at Montpelier Cultural Arts Center.

2/23/2011  How-To
   What is the Best Monitor to Use for Photography? This question is answered on an informative website.

1/16/2011  Exhibit
   Our own Pat French will have photographs shown at the Waverly Street Gallery's Annual Invitational Show.


12/21/2010  Social Event
   Remember that the B-CCC Holiday dinner Jan. 9. You can see the menu in this article.

12/1/2010  How-To
   There will be a special "How-To" meeting for novice photographers on Monday, Dec. 13.

11/19/2010  Workshop
   This annual slide show workshop is open to any interested members.

11/3/2010  Field Trip
   B-CCC will travel to Frederick, Maryland this weekend for a field trip to the city's historic district.

10/5/2010  Social Event
   The club's annual holiday dinner is set for Sunday, January 9, 2011.

10/5/2010  Field Trip
   On October 16, B-CCC will visit Tilghman Island, for the annual Tilghman Day races and contests, exhibits, auction, food, and music.

8/27/2010  Announcement
   The NIH Camera Club has graciously invited B-CCC members to participate in the following activities. Check out the open competition on October 7th with cash prizes.

6/9/2010  Exhibit
   B-CCC memeber Janet Matthews currently has an exhibit of her work at an area gallery.

4/21/2010  How-To
   Presentation by Janet Matthews

3/13/2010  Program
   On Monday evening, March 29th, B-CCC club members will present an evening of photographic slide shows.

3/11/2010  Field Trip
    There are two great field trips in April - one local, one far away.

3/4/2010  Announcement
    A new book by club member Clarence Carvell is due to be released in April, 2010.

1/5/2010  Announcement
    Our own Zolt Levay will give a presentation on pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope at U. of Md. on January 5, 2010.


10/18/2009  Workshop
   On Nov. 7 and 8, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens near Tysons Corners, VA, is having a Fall Photography day as part of Foto Week.

Field Trip Nov. 1st to Potomac Eagle Railroad, in Romney, W.Va.
10/13/2009  Field Trip
    On Sunday, November 1st, B-CCC will visit the Potomac Eagle Railroad, in Romney, W.Va. to ride on the Railroad Photo Special.

10/2/2009  Announcement
   Some great photographic opportunities will be found at this festival in Charlotte Hall, Md.

9/24/2009  Announcement
    Join other photography and outdoor enthusiasts as we explore the marina area of Codorus State Park, located near Hanover, Pa.

9/8/2009  Field Trip
    The club's first field trip for the 2009-2010 year will take place right here in Bowie.

9/7/2009  Workshop
   The Baltimore Camera Club is presenting a photography seminar by Brenda Tharp, entitled "The Art of Photography". The date is March 6, 2010.

9/7/2009  Announcement
   Disney's "A Christmas Carol Train" will be making two stops in our area, offering great photo opportunities for those who are interested.

8/24/2009  Exhibit
   There is still time to get your framed work exhibited at The Bowie Senior Center. Please contact Bob Matthews if you are interested.

8/10/2009  Exhibit
   Club members can get their photos hung and seen at these two upcoming exhibits.

7/21/2009  Workshop
    The VisArts Center in Rockville will be participating in FotoWeek DC in November.

7/13/2009  Announcement
    Explore Lewes, Delaware with Rolfe Photography on a Photo Walking tour July 25th, August 1st, and August 8th.

7/5/2009  Workshop
   VisArts Center Photography Dept. in Rockville is offering a free 2-hour mini workshop on Monday evening, July 13, 7-9 p.m. on photographing sunflowers.

   The Eastman Kodak Company is producing its last run of Kodachrome film on Monday, June 22nd.


5/19/2009  Exhibit
    The Maryland Federation of Art is holding its 9th annual American Landscapes Juried Exhibition.

5/14/2009  Field Trip
    Spend an enjoyable early-summer night in a lovely cabin along the C&O Canal Towpath with plenty of photographic opportunities nearby.

5/14/2009  Exhibit
    VisArts is proud to present 57 artist booths for the 2009 Fine Arts Festival, on May 23 and 24, 2009.

5/4/2009  Exhibit
   NBC News Anchor Ann Curry Exposes Darfur in Washington School of Photography Exhibit with Antoine Sanfuentes.

4/24/2009  Announcement
    The Bear Branch Nature Center, in Carroll County, offers raptor shooting on Saturday, May 2nd.

   The east coast Kinetic Sculpture Race championship will take place in Baltimore May 2, 2009 rain or shine.

4/21/2009  Announcement
    The Maryland Historical House and Garden Pilgrimage starts April 25, 2009, and continues on selected weekend dates through May 17.

4/17/2009  Field Trip
   B-CCC has a special opportunity to get in early in the morning at Brookside Gardens to do a private photo session with the butterflies.

   On Monday, April 27th, B-CCC will present its annual slide show evening.

   On Monday, May 25, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens near Tyson's Corner, VA, is hosting a Photographer's Field Day.

   On May 23 and 24, there will be an Air Expo at PAX River Naval Base, Lexington Park, MD.

   Ginter Botanical Gardens offer high wheel bicycle demonstrations, costumed interpreters, Ragtime Music, tours of historic Bloemendaal House, and 40 acres of themed gardens.

3/24/2009  Announcement
   There is no scheduled club meeting when there is a 5th Monday of the month.

2/7/2009  Field Trip
   Join club members for a waaaay-out-of-town field trip to the historic Biltmore Estate, in Asheville, North Carolina.

2/7/2009  Exhibit
   "Three Days of Peace, Love, and Photography", at the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

2/7/2009  Competition
   The National Wildlife Federation is sponsoring its 39th annual wildlife photography competition.

1/25/2009  Field Trip
   On Sunday, March 1st, B-CCC has an opportunity to take a private photo-tour of Luray Caverns, in Luray, Virginia.


1/24/2009  How-To



12/22/2008  Field Trip
   B-CCC will visit the historic College Park Aviation Museum for its January field trip on Saturday, January 24th.

How You See It A Juried Photography Exhibition
12/15/2008  Exhibit
   The VisArts Center in Rockville is calling for entries for the second annual photography exhibition at the Kaplan Gallery.

12/3/2008  Workshop
   There will be a one-day workshop on HDR and Abstracts in Historic St. Michaels, January 28, 2009.

12/3/2008  Announcement
   The Metropolitan Center for the Visual Arts ("VisArts Center") in Rockville now has a Photography Department.

12/2/2008  How-To
   Images from the November 24 how-to are now available for viewing at Richard Chomitz's website.

11/14/2008  Announcement
    The week of November 15-22, 2008 will mark the launch of FotoWeek DC, the first annual gathering of a diverse and wide-ranging photography community in the nation's capital.

11/11/2008  How-To
   Be sure to be at our "How To" meetings coming up in the near future.

   A new section devoted to articles by members has been added to the website, starting with an interesting article by Janet Matthews called Use Your Scanner As A Camera.

11/5/2008  Field Trip
    On Saturday December 6th, B-CCC will be travelling to the Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland, to view and photograph the annual Memorial Illumination.

11/5/2008  Exhibit
    Take a walk along the Fells Point ArtLoop and enjoy art shows, openings, events & great food. And while you're there, visit the Robert McClintock Studio Gallery.

11/1/2008  Workshop
   The Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tour will make a stop in Baltimore, on Wednesday, November 19th, for an all-day class on CS-4.

10/28/2008  Competition
   B-CCC will host an inter-club competiton on November 15, 2008

10/28/2008  Announcement
   Ships from across the mid-Atlantic make their way up the Chester River to participate in the schooner Sultana's eighth annual Downrigging Weekend, October 30th to November 2, 2008

10/2/2008  Workshop
   Two upcoming workshops offer valuable information on legal and business issues that are of interest to photographers.

9/25/2008  How-To
   Janet Matthews teaches how to create photo montages using layer masks.

9/8/2008  Workshop
   Clarence Carvell will be giving monthly classes in the use of Photoshop 9 (CS-3). Classes are free to B-CCC members. Class size is limited to 15.

9/3/2008  Field Trip
    B-CCC will travel to Cass, West Virginia, for its first "out-of-town" field trip of the new club year. Scenic views and fall foliage will be everywhere!

9/2/2008  Competition
    The Brunswick Railroad Museum and the Brunswick Photographers Guild are holding their first photography contest.

8/1/2008  Announcement
   Please consider entering your digital images in the PSA International Club Image Competition. The competitions are held four times per year October, December, February and April. You may submit 2 images in each of these competitions.

7/31/2008  Field Trip
    Our first field trip of the new club year happens two days before our first meeting! Join us for a day (or two) on Smith Island.

7/29/2008  Social Event
   An invitation to all club members and their guest to enjoy a pleasant and social Labor Day weekend picnic, on Sunday August 31st.

5/24/2008  Announcement
   Please join us at the newly formed Flickr group.

5/24/2008  Competition
   The Nature Conservancy's 2008 Photo Contest is open.

4/24/2008  Exhibit
   The B-CCC is proud to present the 4th club exhibit for this year. The exhibit will run from April 16th thru May 10th at The Bowie Center for Performing Arts. BCPA is located on Route 450 adjacent to Bowie High School. Opening reception will be on April 29th from 6-8 pm. Light refreshments will be served.

4/20/2008  Field Trip
    Two great field trips are lined up for the club in May. The first is a walk among the wild trillium, in the mountains of Virginia. The next is a repeat-performance of last year's final trip, to the Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association in Pennsylvania.

4/12/2008  Workshop
   John Shaw, a renowned and respected nature photographer, will be conducting a two-day seminar in Baltimore on April 12 and 13, 2008.

4/12/2008  Announcement
   Post: Slate of Bowie-Crofton Club officers for club year 2008-09. Please note three of the five officers have agreed to remain on the executive board.

4/9/2008  Announcement
    For B-CCC members who have gone on field trips this year, please bring in some photos for the back-of-the-room gallery on April 28th!

3/28/2008  Workshop
   A NIK Software sponsored seminar is coming to our area in late April and May. It is called "Captivated by the Light".

3/24/2008  Field Trip
    An opportunity has presented itself for members of B-CCC to visit the headquarters of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, in Annapolis.

3/16/2008  Workshop
    On Wednesday, April 9th, the Washington Convention Center will be the venue for a day-long Photoshop workshop sponsored by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

3/12/2008  Field Trip
   B-CCC will travel to Washington, D.C. for the 42nd annual Smithsonian Kite Festival.

3/8/2008  Field Trip
    On the weekend of April 4th and 5th, B-CCC will be traveling to the beautiful Laurel Highlands of southwest Pennsylvania.

3/3/2008  Program
   Susan Milestone, a professional nature and fine art photographer, will present our program for the B-CCC meeting on March 17th.

2/27/2008  Announcement
    The annual celebration of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day will happen again. It will be the traditional last Sunday in April.

2/17/2008  Announcement
    The full moon is going to get totally eclipsed on the nights of February 20&21, putting on a gorgeous show, and giving photographers of the night sky a great opportunity.

2/17/2008  Program
    A "PhotoWalk" is being organized in Washington, DC, during the month of March.

1/26/2008  Competition
   B-CCC will be hosting an Inter-Club Competition on March 31. The invited clubs include the Silver Spring Camera Club, the North Bethesda Camera Club, and the National Institutes of Health Camera Club.

1/22/2008  Workshop
   Maryland Hall in Annapolis will be conducting a workshop entitled "Introduction to Studio Lighting" taught by Dick Bond and Chip Bulgin.

1/16/2008  Exhibit
   This exhibition is open to all amateur and professional photographers 18 years and older working in any photographic medium who live or work in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, or the District of Columbia.

1/15/2008  Field Trip
   On Saturday, February 2nd, the club will venture forth for a field trip to the Smithsonian's Udvar-Hazy Center, next to Dulles Airport in northern Virginia.

1/10/2008  Exhibit
   The Bowie-Crofton Camera Club is pleased to announce a club photo exhibit at Huntington Community Center in "Olde" Bowie, Maryland. The exhibit will run from 12/29/07 thru 1/26/08. Opening reception on Thursday, January 10, 2008 from 6-8 pm. Please call Roz Kleffman 301 464-1867 for more details.


   RSS can help the photographer find new content for knowledge and inspiration.

Memorial to Charter Member Jonas Bassen
   B-CCCC Charter Member, Jonas Bassen was fondly remembered at the Arbor Day Celebration on Saturday April 14, 2007 at Acorn Park. This open area with a beautiful walkway for strolling and plenty of benches for relaxing is located just off the intersection of Route 450 and Stoneybrook Drive. The tree lined hill remains very reminiscent of historic Bowie, long before Levitt purchased the land for development. About 50 people attended the ceremony. Arbor Day was a perfect opportunity to memorialize Jonas.

4/2/2007  PSA
   The Photographic Society of America (PSA), established in 1936, is one of the largest associations of its kind, bringing together amateur and professional enthusiasts of all ages and levels of achievement. As a non-profit organization, its mission is to promote and enhance the art and science of photography in all its phases, among members and non-members alike. PSA has members in 73 countries.

Background image by George Smyth